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This video was produced by Lemonade Heroes founder Aaron Sylvan, directed by "Johnny Chaos" Egan (credits include "Moonrise Kingdom" and "Gangs of New York"), and the audio is an original mashup by Patrick Grant of Strange Music, who would like to thank the following fantastic artists we sampled:

• Skrillex for "Bangarang" and "Breakn' a Sweat"
• Skrillex and Ray Manzarek (keyboards) and Robby Krieger (guitar) of The Doors
• Benny Benassi and Skrillex for "Cinema"
• DJ Khaled for "All I Do Is Win"
• Kanye West for "Hell of a Life"
• Fabolous for saying it's "My Time"

We would also like to thank the venues, events, and companies we featured:


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 We think entrepreneurs are the new rockstars! This particular video covers the NYC Tech Startup scene, but our project spans an international audience, and ranges from kids through seasoned veterans.

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